Sponsorship, Donation & Collaboration Requests

tiny little donuts supports many charitable and civic organizations. We are dedicated to serving our community hot, fresh tiny little donuts, and in helping out in any way we can to support our beautiful community. We wish we could say yes to every request however, we get so many, we just cannot. If you are requesting a donation, please answer the following questions for us, and we will get back to you asap. We do ask that you give us 2-4 weeks to respond. We will only contact you if we can accommodate your request. Please know that we do not have the ability to honor all requests and requests with a specific religious or political affiliation will not be considered. We do partner with other local businesses for marketing purposes and are selective in doing so. If you would like to partner or collaborate with us, please email us with details of your request. We do not take requests for partnering, donations or sponsorships via social media, phone or in person, please email us at tinylittledonuts@gmail.com.  

What we need to know via email request:

Type of request: 




Describe your organization:

Describe request in detail:

Date/time of event:

Contact address, phone and email:

Is this a for profit event or organization? 

How do you know tiny little donuts? 

Please email your request to tinylittledonuts@gmail.com,  and add REQUEST in the subject line. 

Thank you!